Secret Astronaut Says He Saw Grey Aliens, Who Warned Them Off The Moon

I have always heard of this story, but not by a Secret Astronaut.

I personally believe the Moon was placed in our orbit… Not with scientific evidence to stand on… More by faith and by what we can observe… The Moon seems to effect out tides and our seasons… It does not rotate on its own axis… Here on Earth, we always view the same side of it… It does not rotate so we can see the reported dark side from our vantage point… Not too far away and not too close to Earth… Perfectly placed so that at certain times, a solar eclipse can hide the Sun… All that seems greater than random chance…

I personally like Linda Molton Howe and respect her reporting. I adore George Norrry !!

Discloser s Finally here Whistle Blower saying a one Billion old Craft was Found on the Moon and Rules are not to come back ! with Mind Blowing Technology! ENJOY as I have listening to it !

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Nancy Thames with George Noory
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Crater on Moon
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  1. Hello! If aliens warned us off the moon than why is it alright to go in 2023?With all this talk of the Artemis accordes and a mission to establish a base on the moon it makes no sense”What happened to the aliens that made the warning where are they and since the secret space program has a base on the far side of the moon than its going to be hard to not run into them if we are to explore the moon totally.


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