Scientists Have Just Discovered A Massive New Continent That Was Right Under Our Noses

Apr 2, 2021

Scientists have just discovered a massive new continent that was right under our noses. Today, we take a look at this massive new continent that’s just been discovered.The world is full of unexpected discoveries and bold, extraordinary ideas. Science has come far in the past two centuries alone, bringing with it a brand-new batch of ethical concerns and debates.

You would think it unlikely that there would be a ‘hidden’ continent, but it just so happens that is exactly what scientists exploring the South Pacific uncovered. In the 1990s, a team of 32 scientists from over 12 different countries found Zealandia in all its glory. Zealandia lies beneath the surface of the murky seas, thought to have been submerged over 80 million years ago. This secret continent is partially raised up on the ocean bed and appears to be roughly two-thirds the size and length of Australia, or about the size of India. Zealandia is located midway between New Caledonia and New Zealand, from which it gets its name.

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