Schoolyard UFO Encounters Part One Sightings

By Preston Dennett

All across the world, schools are being targeted by UFOs. More than 100 documented cases are on record. These are typically long lasting, low level, daylight encounters viewed by large groups of witnesses. Something very profound is happening here. This video is Part One of a two-part presentation on the history of schoolyard UFO encounters on our planet. Why are UFOs targeting schools? What happens when a UFO hovers over a school playground and is viewed by hundreds of witnesses, including teachers? The cases shown here will answer these questions and more. Part One covers dozens of sightings, starting as early as 1853 and continuing to the present day. There are cases of UFOs hovering at extremely low levels, sometimes causing panic on the playground. There are cases involving photographs and moving films. Two cases involve physical evidence in the form of angel hair. In some cases, there is a strong government response. And this is just the beginning! While the sightings are amazing enough, even more astonishing are the many cases of landings and humanoids. Part Two of this presentation: “Schoolyard UFO Encounters Part Two: Landings and Humanoids,” covers the cases of actual contact, revealing the truth behind the alien agenda of targeting schools. All these cases and more have been collected in my book, “Schoolyard UFO Encounters: 100 True Accounts,” now available on Amazon

There are over 100 accounts of UFOs that have been seen hovering over schoolyards, in many countries throughout the world; and they are listed in chronological order, from 1953 to the present day. There are also examples of sighting from 1853 and 1909. Part One of the book describes sightings of UFOs. Part Two describes Landings and Humanoid Encounters! Dennett writes “… this book contains the largest and most comprehensive collection of schoolyard UFO encounters on record.” I liked this book because it shows readers that some UFOs want to be seen, but the question is why? In these encounters, many students see the UFO, as well as their teachers or principals. I had no idea UFOs were hovering over schoolyards for so many young people to see. A few photographs or drawings would have been helpful, though. Unless the UFOs are cloaking themselves from being photographed, but then why are they being seen by so many children? The book offers some explanations as to why this could be happening, but I think it should include more ideas from researchers, because this subject has not been widely publicized, and needs to be investigated. A list of countries with the number of sightings that occurred in each would also have been helpful. The book is excellent, nevertheless, because it tells readers about schoolyard encounters which are a mostly unknown aspect of UFO sightings, and includes descriptions in the children’s own words of their experiences and feelings. It also has an extensive list of source material.

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