MAKE YOUR VOICE BE HEARD IN SPACE BY NON-HUMAN INTELLIGENCE! Can you believe that your small handheld Radio Transmitter can reach the Moon when you broadcast messages during Contact Work? Almost hard to imagine isn’t… Well, this montage will demonstrate the power of radio waves in “FREE SPACE”. This video shows the Cube Satellite “CO-55” passing over the West Coast of USA as tracked by a specialized software. This ultra-small Cube Satellite, which measures only 4X4X4 inches, is equipped with a low power transmitter outputting only 0.1 watts! Yes, only a tenth of a watt! The transmitter produces a “continuous tone” which can be heard by the human ear. As demonstrated in this video montage, it is possible to “hear” this satellite over 2000 miles away, even if it is outputting only 0.1 watt! In the video, we can see the satellite trajectory, altitude, distance (Rng), elevation, etc. Throughout the pass, we can hear the tone easily which gets stronger as the Satellite is approaching my Radio Station located in Ventura, CA. The tone is also represented visually on a spectrogram which shows a trace which keeps drifting due to the Doppler effect. The bottom line is that your voice can be heard in Space by non-human intelligence’s which is an extraordinary asset for Human Initiated Contact work!



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