Saint Germain: Believing Is Seeing




I am your Saint Germain. I am here at this time to continue to assist and bring you along in your new reality, the new reality that you are creating every moment, with every thought.

As you have heard before, and in many different ways, focus on your thoughts, and realize your thoughts have so much power. Power beyond your belief at times. Know that with that power, you control not only your destiny but the destiny of the entire human evolution. Yes, YOU! You, each one of you, as a collective, coming together in unity consciousness, control everything. You control the plan. For you are the plan.

You hear trust the plan. You need to trust yourselves within that plan. Don’t consider or think of yourselves as outside of the plan, that you have nothing to do with it, that you of yourselves can do nothing. But you of yourselves can do a lot because you have God creative power within you to do it.

When he said, “I of myself can do nothing, but it is the Father within me that doeth the works.” That is you. You have the Father within you. You have the Higher God-Self within you to do the works through you. Know that. That is the power within you. The I AM Presence within you. Trust that. Trust the plan.

Because the plan is working out exactly as it needs to based on the consciousness of man. All that are assisting in the consciousness of man. So true that it is up to you, each and every one of you, to go about your lives, but go about your lives in that higher vibration whenever you can.

Be that higher vibration. Don’t find yourselves mired in the muck. The old illusionary reality, and the old programming. Know that that old programming can be gone in an instant if you allow it to be. When you allow it to be, then you will be able to stick out your hand, call forth the power within you, to bring forth whatever it is that you want to manifest. Whether it is in your hand, an object in your hand, or to manifest in your life whatever it might be that you want: a new job, a new position of some type, a new relationship, a new friendship. Whatever it is that you want to manifest, you can simply do, because you are doing it outside of the matrix. You are doing it in the new reality that you are creating within the fifth dimension.

Are you fully ascended and in the fifth dimension? Only if you fully believe that you are. But it is still that old programming that holds you back that says you cannot ascend.

The ego-sense within your self within yourself that says, “you cannot ascend without me, you must take me along with you!” And yes, you will be taking your ego along with you. But it will be the higher ego sense of yourself. The lower ego will drift off, never to be called upon again. Because he/she/it will no longer be needed. So again now, trust in yourselves. Trust in the plan. Trust that all is working out exactly as it needs to. That you are in the perfect moment exactly as you create for yourself in that moment.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now with peace and love, and that you will continue to reach out your light, your Violet Flame, to assist others in purging out all of their old programming as well wherever the opportunity arises. Share your light. Spread your light. Be the light, and others will follow that light.

Channeled by James McConnell



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