Rescued by Extraterrestrials

Sep 26, 2020
Some UFO encounters are scary. Some are friendly. And some UFO encounters actually save people’s lives. In case after case, people report that ETs have intervened to rescue them from dangerous situations such as car accidents, drownings, assault, natural disasters and more. Trapped on a sinking boat, caught in quicksand, lost on an unfamiliar highway, suffering from poverty, about to experience a seemingly unavoidable collision, in danger of being overwhelmed by a hurricane…ETs suddenly show up and rescue people right when they need it most. Are ETs truly here to help people? Are they our friends? As these twenty cases show, sometimes the answer is yes! These cases reveal a benevolent side to the UFO phenomenon that deserves more attention. ETs are not only healing people, they are saving their lives. Talk about friends in high places! For those interested in these and other fascinating cases, they are presented in detail in my book, “The Healing Power of UFOs.”

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