Queen Nefertiti Associated Tomb Was Uncovered From 10,000 BC Years Ago


Ancient Tomb From 10,000 BC Was Found in Turkey – And it’s Related to Queen Nefertiti (Video) May 16, 2021 Articles This is a fascinating find that introduces a fresh hypothesis into our past. This is a tomb that was discovered recently in Turkey. Queen Nefertiti is said to have fled with a party of followers to avoid Amuns clutches. There are many objects in this tomb that have been carbon-dated to determine their age. The age of these items appears to be around 10,000 years. This detail gives new insights on the Amarna dynasty’s reign. Carmen Boulter and Daniel Liszt examine the significance and shock of the tomb’s discovery in Turkey. Countless Egyptian riches were discovered among the tomb’s many relics.


This conclusion shows that our school-based history is inaccurate and should be revised. We should rewrite history because a large portion of it is incorrect.



This unusual Amarna bloodline has to be looked into further because it appears to be connected to Atlantis. What are your thoughts on this incredible discover



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