Puzzled Archaeologists Solve History’s Biggest Riddle Hidden in Ancient Archives

Archaeologists puzzle out a clash of Mesoamerican cultures. … a stranger arrived in Tikal, a large Maya city in what is now northern Guatemala. … Three enormous pyramids loomed over the main street, now known as the Avenue of … Owl. But the historical records raise more questions than they answer.

I have had the Intriguing Experience of visiting The Great Pyramid at Chichen Itza, Mexico,Tikal at Guatemala, Xunantunich, with El Castillo (Spanish for “The Castle” In Belize. I always get a feeling that I have been there before and felt very familiar with everything. Déjà vu actually. I learned some amazing things from these experiences with my two sons and my parents. By the way stay away from the Spider Monkeys they drawn to shiny jewelry not you!

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