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Remote inductive psychotronics (RIP):
Psychotronics: the use of electrical currents to induce psychological states in the human brain. Remote psychotronics is done remotely from almost any distance and direct psychotronics involves making actual direct, via skin touch or penetrating contact with the brain and CNS.
Inducing micro currents in the human brain and nervous system through the remote induction of certain electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF), the effects of which can alter mood, attitudes, and sometimes memories.
Certain frequencies and pulse beam patterns can target individuals for individual changes or mass changes in attitudes, beliefs and sometime even memories.
An attitude is a behavioral tendency to interpret situations and facts in a certain context and way and can induce a tendency to act in a certain way unless neutralized by other attitudes that are individually or collectively stronger.
Remote psychotronic mind control is one of the military and intel agencies greatest secrets. It can be deployed by cell phone system at many points, new high tech street lights, Wi-Fi systems and subliminal sound systems as well as ELF (extra low frequencies).
The new 5G was developed as military frequency and can easily be weaponized.
Cell phones can track users by keep folks motivated to use them because of all the various communication and Internet powers they can provide.
Remote pulse microwaves were used in the first Gulf War to induce the Republican Guards in-mass to hear Allah and follow his orders to throw their weapons down and surrender. They did this and walked into certain death, bulldozed alive into pits. This remote inductive psychotronic weapon was called the “Voice of God”. In the second Gulf War “poppers” were used. They were EMF generator antennas inside small globs less than several feet in diameter. There were designed to emit frequencies to “pacify” the enemy rebels in friendly areas and were mounted on rooftop and some vehicles. They did not pacify, the made American soldiers angry because they gave them headaches, sometimes migraine.
Inside the USA now we have the plasmatized or ionized sky that has nano-metallic particles electrified by high power EMF. When turned on by special scalar and interdimensional means by the application of high power pulse beam microwaves, the sky can be weaponized as high tech radar to track UFOs ad enemy missiles and aircraft and used to destroy them at will. This is alternatively called the “space fence” and can be used as a powerful remote inductive mass-mind control weapon.
This very high tech Alien ET technology has been deployed and is being used now for sinister anti-human control means by those entities that rule over the worldwide satanic hierarchy, a secret evil network that hijacked power from the human race using debt-note fake currency and very sophisticated lies and deception as well as power gained from the Darkside for being willing to exchange their very souls for  extreme wealth, power and status.
Not only have inductive remote Psychotronics been weaponized for mind control, but they can also be deployed to induce various physical and mental disorders and issues. In addition many acute and chronic diseases and physical issues can be induced by high-tech remote psychotronics. Of course the most secret part of psychotronics is the use of interdimensional “D waves” and scalar transmissions. These can easily penetrate Faraday shielding and are reported to be able to breech normal time. This is a part of the new quantum physics and the part of Maxwell’s laws that have been kept secret because they could revolutionize energy production from the ether (Zero Point Energy) and and antigravity development.
Ever wonder why there was never any public debate about the possible dangers of EMF emissions for cell phone systems, Wi-Fi, remote phone sets, the new street lights with powerful EMF installed or why there was never any problem raising trillions of dollars for funding the speedy construction of these vast systems that connect world wide? The answer is obvious. Because these are primarily military spy systems and special use weapons.
The secret attributes and powers of these remote deployed psychotronics are considered one of the biggest secrets of the large governments, only second to the “alien presence” where secrecy used to be maintained by lethal threats and enforcement by Alien ETs. The position of the USN Secret Space Force Command has been that disclosure (at least in part) will be made when the USN Secret Space Force reaches “Weapons Parity” with the Alien ET groups that are trying to steal Humans DNA to rebuild their own, eliminate all humans eventually even their elite Cutouts who run the various large Corps, NGO, Governments and Militaries. It is now rumored that the USN Secret Space Command has now reached weapons parity with the “alien ETs” or whatever they actually are or where they are from.–undisclosed source

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