Psychic Agreements (Contracts)


n your daily life, you are constantly making psychic agreements, or contracts, with people. Some correspond to conscious agreements such as luncheon dates, or telling your housemate you will do the laundry if he or she will cook dinner. When the activity is completed, the contract dissolves and no hooks are left over. However, there are many types of contracts you make with others that are totally unconscious or subconscious. For instance, you may have a friend who has a strong tendency to blame others. You, on the other hand, may be afraid to disagree with people for fear of making them mad at you and losing their friendship. So you and this friend have created a subconscious agreement: you will always side with him or her against others, no matter what, and your friend will never get angry at you.

This type of contract is very codependent. You assist this friend in remaining blaming and negative, and he or she helps you stay afraid of anger and rejection. Neither person has much freedom to grow and evolve in these areas of life. Therefore, when you discover or even suspect that you may have unhealthy contracts with others, it is important to clear them.

Some contracts need to be released because they usurp your free will in inappropriate ways. For example, I have had numerous clients who, after ending relationships, cannot seem to let go completely and make way for new relationships in their lives. Often I find clients holding such contracts as: “If you ever change, I’ll get back together with you” or “I’ll wait forever for you” or “I won’t ever allow myself another relationship because I left you and you were hurt and angry about it.” I have also found contracts between ex-lovers to have children together even though they do not intend to get involved again. These types of agreements literally paralyze you in the particular area of your life they rule; they do not allow you to change your mind, forgive, or do whatever is needed in order to move on.

If you tend to take on other people’s emotions and problems, you probably did that for one or both of your parents when you were very young. Most families have at least one member who functions as the emotional dumpster for the parents and/or other children. People’s contracts for this arrangement vary with respect to specifics, but they have similarities. The following are examples:

1. You take on your mother’s fear so she will be more capable of meeting your physical needs.

2. You absorb all the anger between your parents so they do not hurt each other or you, but you never have permission to express anger.

3. As the oldest child, you take care of the younger children’s physical and emotional needs, and put your own needs last.

4. Since Mom has stopped nurturing and being sexual with Dad, you become surrogate wife, absorbing his excess emotions and sexual energies, and letting him take your second chakra energy whenever he feels the need.

5. Mother can drain your life force any time she wants because she gave you life, therefore, you owe it to her.

6. You feel guilty for being a burden to Mom or Dad, so you volunteer to take on their emotions and pain and give them your energy.

This list is not intended to make anyone look like a bad guy; it is meant to awaken you to the nature of psychic agreements in a society that tends to encourage emotional repression, codependency, and denial. Following are other common types of agreements:

1. Family members never ever acknowledge a parent’s drinking problem, violence, bad temper, financial lack, or whatever else there might be family shame about.

2. You take on another person’s fear to prove you will not hurt him or her like others have in the past.

3. You exchange sex for financial support.

4. You never disagree with the boss, so he will not fire you.

5. You will never marry until after your mother dies, nor will you live far away from her. Therefore, you will always be available if she needs you or is lonely.

The list could go on and on and on. Hopefully, by now you have a sense of the nature of personal contracts. There are also societal and planetary contracts. Examples of societal contracts are:

1. We who live on the east side of town do not associate with the other race or general lowlife on the north side, and we agree that the west-side residents are snobs.

2. People in our social group do not wear bright colors.

3. We support each other’s victimization by playing “poor me” games and agreeing with one another that we do not have a chance in this world. “Misery loves company” is another way to say it.

4. We will only associate with members of our church because we are the only good people in town.

Some of the planetary contracts I have found and cleared in myself and/or clients are:

1. We agree that everyone on the planet must be under the rule of and answerable to an organized government. If that government has dark entities running and possessing its leaders, we must submit to them as well.

2. We are the only living beings in existence. There is no life beyond Earth.

3. Women shall be held in oppression with the “Adam and Eve” lie that women brought down darkness upon the planet.

There are many, many more. By now, at least one example of a contract probably has a familiar ring to it for you personally, and you probably have ideas about ones not specified. You can clear these agreements using the following process. Begin with one of the planetary contracts mentioned above, then do a personal one of your own.

1. Close your eyes, ground yourself, pull your aura in, and check your boundary colors and roses.

2. Optional: Run cosmic gold and Earth energies and put them on Automatic.

3. Visualize a legal document that says “CONTRACT” at the top.

4. At the bottom of the contract, on one side, see your own name.

5. On the opposite side see the person’s or group’s name with whom you have made the agreement. The first time you go through these steps, see “All citizens of planet Earth” on the side opposite your own name.

6. Now, simply tell yourself what the contract is about, or visualize the words on the contract, if you prefer. The first time, imagine that the contract says, “All human beings on this planet must be under the rule of an official government and the government’s controlling entities.”

7. Write “VOID” across the contract in your own handwriting in large red letters. 8. Rip the contract in two and burn it in a normal-colored fire.

9. Repeat the process from step 3 on, this time using a contract you have with a person or group.

10. When complete, open your eyes.

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