Prehistoric Civilization?Astonishing Discoveries at Sanxingdui in China (China Insights)

Premiered May 13, 2021
On April 19, 2021, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang personally visited the archeological site of San-xing-dui in southwest China, Sichuan Province, where he told the site staff to “excavate, preserve, and investigate thoroughly”. Chinese archeologists have been working at the site for 35 years, since 1986, unearthing thousands of ancient artifacts. So, what has been discovered in the San-xing-dui that has intrigued even the Chinese Communist Party’s top officials? The Sanxingdui (caption: The south bank of the Mianjiang river, northwest of Guanghan City, Sichuan) is a Bronze Age archeological site. The site is named after three mounds of yellow earth rolling and connected within the area. China has a long history of written records, but the civilization represented by “Sanxingdui” is not mentioned in any Chinese historical works. Covering a wide range of stories about or related China and its role in the world.


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