Plejaren Diaries Conversations E03

00:03:36 Z introduction 00:04:19 Barbara: What are the different types of contact possible, beyond 3D physical contact? 00:08:21 Lance, shares experiences of “touch” in his contacts with the Plejarens. 00:13:18 Z, his accounts and how gratitude figures into the overall spiritual experience, connecting with Plejarens or Earth humans. 00:16:33 Z, connecting with Semjase on Earth and both talking to other beings. 00:21:34 Dan: What part of other beings do you connect with, how does a connection happen? 00:23:16 Barbara: When venturing into space in a Plejaren spaceship or Pod, do you see stars? Z discusses his Pod experiences. 00:29:51 Barbara: When in a Pod, it seems to protect you from collision with objects in space? 00:31:34 Z, incident of a spiritual connection between Z and Semjase involving time travel. The Plejaren crew has an unusual experience! 00:36:02 Barbara: You visited a star system in our “neighborhood”. Can you talk about that event? Z on creation by the Plejaren of a planet or world. 00:41:00 Dan: Did the Plejarens say they could create an entire planet with this approach, using the “soup” as a source? 00:41:52 Dan: With regard to the Trappist star system, did the Plejarens say anything about evolution of life there? 00:43:58 Lance: What about flowers here on Earth? What is its relationship and function on Earth and on other worlds? 00:45:28 Lance: What about the survivability of a species based on the needs of an atmosphere or environments? 00:49:28 Z, connecting with different beings on the Plejaren ship, including details about a ship’s atmosphere and its control. 00:54:25 Dan: Was there any smells you detected during your experiences. What did you smell around the Plejarens? 00:57:08 Lance: The coffee you get on the Plejaren ship must be tailor made for your consciousness? 00:57:41 Z, talks about food creation on the Plejaren ship, how it tastes, and his investigation of their food system. 01:00:42 Z, spirituality; connecting with Semjase and the crew, exploring other worlds with them. 01:05:26 Z, the Plejarens initiate Semjase in an important ceremony honoring her, Z is a part of this process. 01:11:23 Z, asking the Plejarens to explain their spirituality was a challenge, but this is what Z discovered. 01:12:56 Lance, Z is being drawn into the spiritual space “in-between”, Mother’s role in this journey and the future of children. 01:17:00 Lance, the role of Z’s writings and books in changing humanity, Lance talks on his interactions with ETs and other beings. 01:23:05 Barbara, the value of Z’s work and the experience when reading the Plejaren Diaries. It’s part of our spiritual transformation. 01:32:32 Lance, what reading Z’s books mean, its spirituality that all of us can bring into our lives, this is for us! 01:36:34 Dan, reading the Plejaren Diaries was like having a vail pulled over you, the story focus was strong, reading it was powerful. 01:37:36 Z, responds to comments on the book, plus how he learned to greet Plejarens, and the future of “alien” contact on Earth. 01:45:01 Lance: What about how the Plejarens look? Do the guys all look like the famous model Fabio? 01:48:57 Barbara and Lance, final statements about the impact of the book and Z’s role in bringing it forward. 01:54:52 Concluding Remarks, end of the show.


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