Pleiadian Prophecy 2020 – Is Humanity On It’s Last Chance? The Pleiadian Prophecy 2020 is almost here. The date coincides with the Jupiter/Saturn alignment on December 21st. But does that mean it’s all over for humanity? Probably not. As we saw with the Mayan prediction what many were predicting as a swift end, didn’t eventuate. That’s not to say the Mayans were wrong. What about if their prediction involved more of a slow death process unless we pulled together and did smiting about it. Is 2020 enough of a sign that we’re in trouble? So whether disaster happens December 21st remains to be seen but well respected author and researcher Steven Strong says it will be a wake up call. Strong looks at several possibilities of what may take place regarding the Pleiadian prophecy in this excerpt from our interview. By the way, the full interview will be aired shortly on the Paranormal U.K. Radio network. To learn more about the Pleiadian prophecy 2020 plus other UFO/alien related news and information, visit:… #pleiadianprophecy2020

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