PLEIADIAN ALAJE – PLEIADIAN HEALING TEMPLE – GUIDED MEDITATION Episode 25 of the wisdom documentary “Cosmic love is the solution for everything”. In this guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to connect and charge with the higher energies of the Pleiadian dimensions of light, and expand your awareness. Your astral body will visit a healing temple on the Pleiades, even when your rational mind cannot see it. For this meditation I have created special music with different brainwave frequencies, together with binaural and Isochronic tones, to stimulate all parts of the brain that are mostly sleeping in normal daytime. The energy and messages that your soul will receive in this meditation, will work in your subconsciousness, and will have a positive result in your physical life, if you listen to your soul. Even when your rational mind will not recognize the information in the higher dimension, your astral body and your soul will receive the information, and it will keep it stored, until one day you will be able to listen. Even if your physical self is not able to feel any energy, your soul and your higher self will work with the higher energies in the healing temple. The most important is, that you have cosmic love in the heart and consciousness and you don’t allow the ego mind to block you from receiving higher information. In the higher dimensions, information is given inside of cosmic light and with telepathy, and its reaching far more then just the mind.


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