Stone Made Of “Pure Oxygen” Found In Africa?

Ancient cultures could probably know more about extraterrestrials than our modern world. There are abundant mysterious artifacts, paintings, and places, developed by some of the most advanced ancient civilizations that hint at the presence of intelligent beings on Earth. Legends of Hopi Indians, abnormality in Egyptian pharaoh DNA, and Sumerians’ spectacular knowledge on Astronomy are the best examples of otherworldly visitors. Besides, the story of “Sky Stones” has been controversial since the 1990s. The matte-finish blue stones with white veins are claimed to come from the extraterrestrial visitors from the sky.

In 1990, an Italian geologist named Angelo Pitoni visited Sierra Leone, West Africa in search of diamonds. While studying the Kono district (in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone), he came across an incredible discovery. He was shown one of the mysterious blue stones by Fullah Chief (Tribal Headmen) of the region. The chief told him an ancient legend behind the stones that also explained why the area was so rich in minerals.

west africa sky stone
A piece of Sky Stone being prepared for cutting

According to the legend, the stones were the Angels who used to live in the sky. God expelled them to the Earth for their wrongdoings where they turned into statues and remained buried beneath the soil. They did not arrive alone on Earth, instead, they brought the portion of sky and stars with them. That is why the area is so rich in minerals and diamonds.

Pitoni was intrigued by the structure of those mesmerizing stones. He even brought the stones to Europe for examination. He took them to the Institute of Natural Sciences of Geneva and the University La Sapienza in Rome for analysis. He thought the stones were perhaps turquoise, but it was wrong. The test showed that the stones did not match with any other known mineral. Many researchers failed to determine from where the blue color came.


sky stone
The actual sample of Sky Stone submitted to GRS Swisslabs for testing and analysis

Pitoni sky stones underwent further tests at the University of Utrecht where they were exposed to acids to alter their composition but nothing happened. What is more, they were heated up to 3000 degrees Celsius, but their composition remained unchanged. Interestingly, while looking under the microscope, there was no color which convinced some researchers to assume that they had not been made naturally and might be not from Earth.

The stones were analyzed in Germany and Tokyo as well. The study explained that they were made up of 77 percent oxygen, 20 percent carbon, lime, and traces of silicone and other materials were also found.

“The composition makes the “Sky Stone” similar to a kind of concrete or stucco, and seems to have been artificially colored. The natives living in the area where the stone was found, already knew about its existence because this stone-like artifact used to pop out during the digging in the area.”

Carbon dating revealed that the age of stones was found to be between 2,500 and 17,000 years old. Due to their mysterious composition and unique looks, the stones became valuable in the market. They also appeared at the weekend market in Marakesh, Morroco by the name of “kryptonite.”

There is skepticism behind the identity of Pitoni. Some online sources say he was a self-proclaimed botanist, gemstone expert, honored and decorated special forces operative, discoverer of Mayan statues, and was linked with other archaeological sites. His credibility is doubted as he was not found to be linked with any other reputable universities and institutes.

pitoni skly stones
Two individual specimens of Sky Stone. (the color of the stones may be more saturated in these images than in reality.) From an unknown collection.

Then the story revolves around American artist and designer, Jared Collins. In 2013, during his trip to Asia in a search of rare gems and minerals, he met a gem dealer in Hong Kong. Collins called the dealer and asked him to pay a visit to his small apartment. After searching hundreds of bags full of gems, nothing surprised him until he saw an irregularly shaped rock with white veins running through it.

It was a curious thing with a very pretty blue color and when I picked up the stone to examine it, it was strangely light for its size and I thought it was some sort of a synthesized or hybrid wax/plastic material, yet it simultaneously appeared to be a natural stone of some kind. It was perplexing and I had no idea what I was looking at and I had no point of reference to compare it to anything else I had previously seen or handled before,” Collins described.

The dealer told Collins a strange story of how they had come from the sky. He even sent the sample to GRS Swisslabs where they were tested by Dr. Preeti. After waiting for months for the results, the doctor could not say much and concluded that the sample belonged to unidentified material. Collins intended to buy the piece but the dealer refused to sell it.

After he left Hong Kong, Collins kept thinking about the piece of Sky Stone. He tried finding it in other places in order to acquire the stone for obtaining more information but failed. The only place where the stone was known to exist publicly was at Erich Von Daniken’s museum, the Mystery Park, in Interlaken, Switzerland. He contacted the museum, writing a letter to buy a small piece from their two large stones but he received a rejection.

Angelo Pitoni
Angelo Pitoni holding a Nomoli Statue

Collings became desperate about the stone. He inquired that gem dealer in Hong Kong to ask him again if he could sell the stone. After exchanging several emails and phone calls, Collins made a proposal to the dealer and he accepted. He sent that small cutaway piece of Sky Stone (previously sent to Dr. Preeti for examination) to Collins with the all information he had about it.

The gem dealer wrote in his letter that he had received this piece from an Italian man named Vijay.

I heard that story from Vijay and I asked him if he could sell me a few pieces from whatever he had remaining. His friend had visited that professor Pitoni directly in Italy upon hearing of the existence of the stone which had been collected by that professor.

I bought several fragments and sold all but the remaining two pieces you saw at my house, including the small cutaway which you now possess.”

Collins tracked down Vijay and contacted him via email. Vijay told him that the piece of stone had first been discovered by Angelo Pitoni when he was in Sierra Leone. “A local shaman then brought him to a place where there were some pieces of this blue material on the ground. Digging into the ground, he found over 200 kg of it which was not in a natural formation, but rather set in a pyramid shape. I was later shown photocopies of a report from a geologist stating that the material could not be identified,” Vijay wrote.

Collins concluded that after 5 years of study by a university, independent scientists, and laboratories, no one could identify the origin and the creation mechanism of the Sky Stones.







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