Philip Mantle – An Interview with a UFO Investigator (Full Video)

Oct 26, 2016

Philip Mantle has been involved in four decades of UFO research and been at the forefront of British ufology since the first meeting of the Yorkshire UFO Society organized by Graham and Mark Birdsall. Their humble YUFOS newsletter eventually became the respected and much missed UFO Magazine in the UK. His UFO research saw his investigate many strange cases in and around the Yorkshire region in northern England and he held the position of Director of Investigations with BUFORA (British UFO Research Association) for a number of years. He is now very much active in the field of ufology and is an established author and publisher with Flying Disk Press. In this interview conducted by Pierre Sabak and Anthony Beckett he talks candidly about his years of UFO research and his view on the phenomenon and the state of ufology now and in decades past.

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