Phil Schneider – November 1995 Lecture

Apr 4, 2012

In 1995, previously unknown geologist-engineer Phil Schneider delivered a lecture in which he spoke about the secret underground bases on which the US government spends a huge part of its budget.

The Mysterious Death Of Phil Schneider: The Man Who Revealed The Conspiracy Of The US Authorities With Aliens

Phil Schneider was a geologist and engineer and, according to him, he worked for 17 years on the so-called “black” (classified) US projects.
Among conspiracy theorists, he is considered one of the most important informants in history.

In the 1990s, Schneider made a decision for himself to tell the public about everything that the US authorities are hiding.
In 1995, he gave a surprise talk at the Preparedness Expo, talking about the New World Order and the U.S. government’s ties to aliens.

Less than 6 months after this performance, Phil Schneider was found dead in his apartment with a piano string wrapped around his neck.
Rumors immediately spread that it was a “military-style” execution.

Also, Phil’s body was in such a state that people close to the investigation let out that, apparently, Phil was brutally tortured before his death.
However, the official cause of death was suicide.

The Mysterious Death Of Phil Schneider: The Man Who Revealed The Conspiracy Of The US Authorities With Aliens

By the way, Phil Schneider suspected from the very beginning that he could be killed if he let it out.
He repeatedly told family and friends that if they were ever told that he had committed suicide, it would be untrue and that it would be murder.

Phil Schneider understood that by his revelations he angered many powerful people and they would definitely take some action against him, as a result of which he would be killed.

In his report, Schneider said that he had worked for years to create deep underground military bases, in which, among other things, alien equipment was placed.
Phil Schneider assured that the US authorities have known about the existence of aliens since 1909 and are doing their best to hide this information from the public.

He also claimed that more than $500 billion is allocated annually to secret projects dealing with alien issues.
And that 28% of the US gross national product is spent on building underground bases.
This “black budget”, as he called it, is completely hidden from Congress.
There is no doubt that these projects continue to this day.

Below Are 8 Key Messages From Phil Schneider’s 1995 Speech:

  1. According to Schneider, by 1995 there were 131 active secret underground bases in the United States and about 1,477 underground bases worldwide.
    Each base cost an average of $ 17-19 billion (in 1995 money) and took 1-2 years to build using advanced construction techniques, including vitrification and rock melting using lasers.
    Schneider stated that these bases are huge and contain thousands upon thousands of soldiers and service personnel.
  2. Magnetic levitation trains connect all bases in the United States in a huge transportation system capable of incredibly high speeds.
    He claims that there is a whole other world down there, filled with both humans and alien life forms.
  3. Area 51 is actually a complex of 9 deep underground bases, home to more than 18,000 workers, whose lives are highly regulated and completely classified.
  4.  In 1954, the United States government signed an agreement with aliens giving them permission to conduct experiments on humans and animals in exchange for technology.
    This agreement, known as the Treaty of Grenada, is a well-documented event.
    The original terms of this agreement stated that only a small number of people could be kidnapped, and they needed to be returned to where they were found, and their memory of the incident should be erased.
    The aliens also had to provide a list of the people they were abducting.
    However, after a few years, it became clear that the aliens took many more people than they initially agreed.
  5.  There are 11 different alien races on Earth.
    Two of these species are benevolent.
  6. “The new world order and alien plans are one and the same.”
    Schneider describes the alien program as “a complete takeover of this planet, resulting in the death of 5/6 to 7/8 of the world’s population by 2029.”
    Obviously, the alien takeover will mean that a single world government will be created, and, in all likelihood, this will be the end of freedom as we know it.
The Mysterious Death Of Phil Schneider: The Man Who Revealed The Conspiracy Of The US Authorities With Aliens

7.  At least 9 races of alien beings view humans as a food source.
However, this does not mean that they are all cannibals.
Instead of actually ingesting human flesh, they use the secretions of the glands of humans and animals to prepare a mixture of vitamins added to their food, and some alien races can get a high, like drugs, from the adrenaline withdrawn from human bodies.

8. Sixteen days before his first public appearance, Schneider was attacked by someone he identified as an FBI agent.
This man wounded Schneider in the shoulder and in response Schneider shot and killed him.
But when he reported this directly to the FBI, then Schneider was told that they did not know about anything like that.

However, after the report, he was attacked at least 11 times, according to him.
He also claimed that government agents tried to kidnap his daughter, but these attempts were unsuccessful due to the heroic actions of his ex-wife.

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