Out of Body Exploring: My Own Experiences with Astral Projection

In 1984, following the unexpected death of my mother from a heart-attack, I began having unusual experiences. First I saw her spirit appear to me as an apparition. Then I started having lucid dream-like encounters during which she would visit me in my bedroom. Then I started having out-of-body experiences. Astral projection experiences have been reported for thousands of years, but I had no idea that anyone could have them. After working hard to learn how to have out-of-body experiences, I began to leave my body, explore the physical world, fly and walk through walls and more. I soon began to travel to the Other Side and had a wide variety of incredible experiences such as: meeting my mother and taking a tour of the heavenly realms, meeting with spirit guides, learning about past lives, basking in “the Light,” learning in the Akashic Library, rescuing lost souls, and so much more. This video is the story of how I learned how to leave my body, and the wonderful experiences I had on Earth and in the many higher dimensions on the Other Side. I also present methods that anyone can use to have their own out-of-body experiences. Is astral travel dangerous? What are the obstacles? Can anyone do it? What are the benefits? What kind of experiences can you have? What happens when you leave your body and travel into other dimensions. This video answers all these questions and more! Would you like to have an out-of-body experience? Are you willing to at least try? For those who would like to explore more about astral travel and the wonderful experiences you can have on the other side, please check out my book, “Out-of-Body Exploring: A Beginner’s Approach.” Now available!



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