One Week In November

Aug 22, 2020

In the first week of November 1957, a series of dramatic and unusual UFO events occurred which caused great concern at the highest levels of government and changed the way many people viewed the UFO phenomenon. Sputnik 1 had been launched one month earlier, and the launch of Sputnik 2 was imminent. Then, in the first week of November 1957, a dramatic wave of UFO encounters struck the states of Texas and New Mexico. The apparent primary target was a small town called Levelland. What happened in Levelland, Texas was unprecedented and had never occurred before, and has yet to be repeated. Dozens of people in Levelland and the surrounding areas reported UFOs disabling their vehicles, causing the electrical system to fail and the car engines to cease functioning. In case after case, UFOs buzzed cars at low level, and often landed on the road, blocking their way forward. UFO car-stalling cases were well-known among UFO researchers, but this brazen and audacious level of activity had never been reported before. While the small town of Levelland, Texas and the surrounding area first appeared to be the target, the truth was much different. In fact, similar and often identical encounters occurred across the United States and the world, involving not only car-stalling cases, but many bizarre electromagnetic effects on a wide variety of machines. UFO researchers had long known that UFOs cause these strange effects, but had considered them an accidental byproduct of close-up UFO sightings. But after what happened in Levelland, questions began to be raised. Perhaps these effects weren’t accidental at all. Perhaps they were intentional. The U.S. government and Project Blue Book officials first attempted to debunk and cover-up the events, claiming that sightings were nothing more than “ball lightning,” while at the same time, warning military and civilian witnesses not to speak to the press. But it wasn’t ball lightning. The sightings were too dramatic to ignore, and soon garnered national headlines. The Levelland UFO encounters have never been explained and remain a mystery to this day. Nothing like them has ever occurred before or since. This amazing event was easily the most famous UFO event of the year, and is well known among researchers. However, what many people don’t know is just how numerous, dramatic and widespread the encounters actually were, or the consequences that followed. This video presents a minute-by-minute account of this incredible week in November 1952. The questions as to why, however, have yet to be answered.

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