On the Other Side of Allen Abductions… What Abductees & Experiencers Recall under Hypnosis

With over three decades of hypnotherapy experience and abduction research, Yvonne presents a compilation of ongoing abduction cases, including those of family members and generational contact. How have Abductees/Experiencers transformed and achieved personal empowerment and cathartic transformation while living a double life? Yvonne Smith, C.Ht. is the author of CHOSEN: Recollections of UFO Abductions Through Hypnotherapy and her latest book, Coronado: The President, The Secret Service and Alien Abductions. For the past 24 years, Smith has lectured at national and international conferences, various universities and co-lectured with her mentors Budd Hopkins, John Mack, M.D. and David Jacobs, Ph.D. Her many television appearances have included the History Channel, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, Encounters, Sightings, The Joan Rivers Show, Montel Williams as well as countless radio shows. In 1992, Smith founded “Close Encounters Research Organization” (CERO), a support group for abductees and in January 2013 Smith launched “CERO International” whose mission is to “Investigate, Educate and Support” and to recognize and preserve “Abductees’ Civil Rights”.




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