Of Abduction & Initiation: Unpacking the Nuances of the Abduction Phenomenon

Within the vast historical literature associated with the UFO Phenomenon there are references to numerous kinds of craft sighted and numerous kinds of entities encountered. Interestingly, even within a subset of a certain group of entities, distinct patterns sometimes emerge, suggesting specific enterprises have been undertaken at various points in history by these various groups. One such unique pattern took place between sometime in the late 20th century, stretching up until around the turn of millennium. This specific endeavor was concentrated around what have come to be known as “abductions”. In other words, this specific enterprise involved not just sightings, but people being abruptly physically taken from their homes to some “other place”, whether that be an apparent spacecraft or some alternate realm, where specific actions were undertaken, involving both physical examinations and what can only be described as activities pertaining to a large-scale reproductive program. This extensive reproductive program, involving, at minimum, untold thousands of human beings, saw men and women having reproductive material taken from them: eggs from women and sperm from men, as part of a scheme to produce what have come to be known as hybrid beings; entities part conventionally human and part “something-else”. The question around the nature of this “something else” is a matter of some debate, one that we’ll be delving into in this episode. Once the initial extraction of reproductive material had taken place, many abductees/contactees/experiencers (pick your designation of choice, and those involved have differences of opinion on what they prefer to be called) were later shown what, for all intents and purposes, appeared to be their very own hybrid offspring. Sometimes these “others” – most often colloquially referred to as “aliens” – would ask these human abductees to interact with said offspring, to fulfill some form of developmental bonding. Said abductees often mention feeling both a deep connection to these apparently hybrid children, while also sometimes feeling a sense of revolution arising from their atypical form. As I mentioned, this specific hybridization enterprise seemed to phase out around the time of the turn of millennium. At this point many of these abductees/contactees/experiencers were telepathically told that they wouldn’t be seeing the apparent aliens nearly as much anymore, indicating the enterprise had been successful enough that a page was now being turned. Of course the specificity of this entire enterprise raises many intriguing questions. What was the ultimate purpose of this hybridization program? What role, if any, do these apparently hybrid offspring play in the future of human civilization? And in what way might this enterprise serve as a kind of failsafe against the potential of a coming earth cataclysm that experiencers of this type were warned was bound to be our civilization’s fate, should we fail to turn from our misguided, erring ways? These are the profound, but mind-bending issues we’ll seek to find some clarity around in this, the 83rd episode of the Point of Convergence podcast.




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