Odd Alien Creature I encountered in an Alien city

Odd Creature that looks similar to what I encountered
Odd Creature that looks similar to what I encountered


I found this picture of an odd creature posted on Facebook. It looks very similar to an odd creature I encountered in an Alien city during one of my experiences. The person that posted it on Facebook called it an Archons, which is a demonic type of creature that takes souls. However, my interpretation of what I encountered was quite different. I’ve attached a picture of my drawing of what I encountered. I saw one of these on another planet and they seemed to be looking for sexual pleasure by doing that opening plant-like thing. It was moaning like it was hurt.  I was so repulsed but my Grey Guide that was with me on the trip told me not to be judgemental. She said they are doing what they are supposed to do and are a dying life form seeking whatever help they can get. I said sorry but could not help being disgusted by it. It was a very strange experience overall.  Again , I was being  taught a lesson  about being judgemental, along with getting over fears and forgiveness. If anyone has seen this, please tell me what your thoughts are about it;  please post in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Nancy, I’m a neg a blood. I used to get quite a bit of sleep paralysis when younger. I was very intuitive teens thru to 20′. Lost it for a bit but it’s coming back. I see mutilple lights lots of electrical balls . I really want to be able to reach my star family. But I hear noone. There mainly are two things that resonated with your speech, one was the day scan but it was over my eyes. A different eye different day accompanied by a sound that sounded like an aerosol Can , best n perfect description. I looked up after the 2nd eye scan and a grey coloured orb was 20 metres above my head. I want to know why this was done. Just recently I had what I thought was sleep paralysis but I felt a distinct arm under my back as if someone was ready to pick me up. Then I felt a pressure on my chest. Usually from memory it would have been over. But also I became very sexually excited, I don’t know why in this time of stress why I wld feel this way. The last image I saw was of an et’s face he looked like a mix of characters not quite grey but he looked at me and had almost what I thought was a grin. It was quite bizarre. I go out at night frequently n ask for my family if they are their to give me their ear as I feel I cld be doing good work .I have a mantra that I say asking only for kindness. Can U help me decipher any of this . Kind regards Ledhi. I am here I am kind if you’re kind then here I am.


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