Not all crop circles are made by hoaxers!



Who creates crop circles? Scientists are trying to find an answer to this question. Some believe that too little research is done into this phenomenon because crop circles are associated with conspiracies and UFOs.


Professor Richard Taylor of the University of Oregon think that more needs to be done to find out who creates crop circles and to find out why. “I find it fascinating that every year crop circles emerge anywhere in the world. This phenomenon remains a mystery, “he said.

There are already more than 12,000 crop circles registered. “Many scientists are reluctant to study crop formations because they are afraid to be worn for crazy,” said Professor Taylor, who published his research in 2011 in the journal Physics World.


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Scientific research in the nineties shows that plants that were collected in crop circles could be bent without breaking. Researchers WC Levengood and Pat Delgado concluded that the plants were exposed to a form of electromagnetic energy.


Australian nurse and crop circle researcher Megan Heazlewood gives lectures on the phenomenon. She’s researching 15 years crop circles, including in Britain, where she has visited more than 20 formations.


She began her research in Australia, where according to her have appeared so far 71 crop formations. Heazlewood says that crop circles that appear often in remote and inhospitable areas are not made by humans.



She hopes to interest farmers and experts in crop circle research. “The formations appear in all types of crops, even in chard and rice fields,” she said. She find the crop circles that appear in rapeseed the most interesting in particular.


According to Professor Klaas van Egmond it is untenable to say that all crop circles are made by people. The former director of the Environmental Assessment spent a lot of time in the fields of Middle England to unravel the mystery of crop circles.


According to the professor, the skepticism about crop circles are not alone. In science are many more taboos. Consider the existence of God or spirituality. “While the core of the science is that you study what you do not understand,” he said.



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Source: Professor Klaas van Egmond

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