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According to many Sumerian texts, our past was characterized by ‘creator gods‘ who lived on a mysterious planet called Nibiru, which arrives and flees from our planet every 3,600 years. These creator gods are the Ancient Anunnaki.

Nibiru is currently a subject of many conspiracy beliefs that suggest this planet will collide with Earth in the near future.

However, many authors like Sitchin imply that Nibiru in Babylonian astronomy translates as Planet of Crossing to ‘Point of transition.’

Many people consider the fame about this planet to be a hoax. However, the mystery behind it is well explained in the fifth tablet of the Enuma Elish, translated by Sitchin.

In the meanwhile, this planet has ‘blown the smoke’ of many ufologists and of course, the supporters of the ancient astronaut theory.

According to the controversial author Sitchin, the ancient Sumerian texts are certain proof that humankind was nothing less than a product of an advanced alien civilization. He suggests this civilization are the Ancient Anunnaki who originates from the planet Nibiru.

However, Sitchin’s literature concerning the subject is mostly within the borders of the myth of Enuma Elish.

Just like every other uncommon claim, Sitchin’s ones are also under attack by many doubters. This happens mostly because he has his own interpretation and translation of the texts.

Zecharia Sitchin said Nibiru is the 12th planet, according to the Sumerian cosmology. It’s the homeland of the Ancient Anunnaki and its other name is Marduk.

Interestingly, many astronomers believe there are far more planets than we are aware of in our solar system. One of those planets is allegedly the Planet X, a planet larger than ours.

The calligraphy symbol for Nibiru was a cross or a flying disc. Ancient Babylonians referred to Nibiru as a divine shape linked with the God Marduk.

According to Sitchin’s translations, Nibiru is a big planet with an elliptic orbit around the Sun. It has an orbital course of 2,700 years.

However, the most interesting claim is that this planet was once the home of the extremely superior aliens Anunnaki, who came to Earth looking for gold to revive their home planet.

Before you judge Sitchin’s work, think about how astronomers found evidence of a vast planet in the external edges of our solar system in 2016.

As a matter of fact, based on multiple simulations, experts have concluded a possibility of a massive alien world placed past the orbit of Pluto.

NASA scientist John Anderson said that Planet X could really exist; however, not in close proximity to our planets.

Anyway, information for this planet can be tracked down back to 1988. Namely, in an article in the Astronomical Journal, R. Harrington wrote that a planet three or four times the size of Earth existed.

Moreover, the mathematical models suggested that Planet X has a remarkably elliptical orbit of 30 degrees.

In addition, a researchers group from California Institute of Technology’s (Caltech), said that the weird angle of the Sun could be due to this massive, still, unknown planet.

Many of the articles observe Nibiru with doubts. We are not claiming it’s real either. However, there are many events in human civilization process that don’t line up. One thing is sure and that is we need to discover too much more.

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