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Aug 8, 2020
Who exactly were the Nephilim? This area of study stands alone from other paranormal phenomena in that it is one of the few places where Biblical history and ufology intersect. The word “Nephilim” is a Hebrew word meaning “the fallen ones”, and it is mentioned in the book of Genesis to describe an ancient race of giants that were half-human and half-angel. According to Genesis 6:4, during the antediluvian (pre-flood) period, giants (translated as “Nephilim” in the actual verse) inhabited the earth, and they were reportedly the product of an intermingling of “the sons of God” (Hebrew: B’nai Elohim) with human beings. In at least four other places in the scriptures, the phrase “sons of God” specifically refers to angelic beings, implying that the Nephilim were a hybrid race produced from the cohabitation of fallen angels with human women.

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