Nautilus Shell Symbolism, Fibonacci Golden Spiral and how special they are to me

My Nautilus Shell found 2007 at Vanuatu
My Nautilus Shell found at Vanuatu
Fibonacci Golden Spiral
Fibonacci Golden Spiral

As a symbol, the chambered nautilus is a powerful metaphor for one’s spiritual evolution.

From the moment we are born and begin to crawl, we continuously discover, learn and outgrow our previous thoughts and views of the world. To learn and grow requires us to think in new or different ways, essentially, to think outside the box.

Like the nautilus, once we’ve expanded our minds beyond the old box, we simply find ourselves in a new, bigger box, in which we continue to learn and grow.


We also find that once we have mentally moved into this new box, we can never go back to the smaller ones – they simply no longer fit us.

The nautilus can never stay in the same chamber because it continues to get bigger; it must build ever larger and larger chambers until the end of its life. This shell and pattern has always been special to me and my older son. This was the first thing I ever cross-stitched, way before I found my shell. I was drawn to it and was so excited when I found mine while snorkeling in Vanuatu in the South Pacific. I was living in Australia at that time so luckily it was an empty shell and it made it through customs. I have several pictures of shells and many different types I have collected over the years while living in Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii, and after a couple of visits to Vanuatu and Fiji Islands. But my oldest son told me after seeing one of my Nautilus Shells that it means something to him as well. It’s a strong spiritual symbol for him.


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