Native American genes come from Pleiadian lineage. Pleadian Message!

Native Americans

Pleadian Message


The American Indian religious freedom act was passed in 1979.

You might be asking yourself what do the Native Americans have to do with the Pleiadians.

Well, up until that time the American Indians were forbidden to practice their traditional rituals and ceremonies.

The stories and legends of the Native American Indians are encoded with Pleiadian influence.

It is said that the Pleiadians came to our planet long, long ago to incarnate as Starseeds to bring light and knowledge to this planet.

So, I think it’s safe to say that many of us with Native American genes come from Pleiadian lineage.












Hopi – Snake People and The Ant People

Native Americans

Like I say all the time, just connect the dots, it all connects… Meaning, there was a reason that they destroyed and annihilated the Native American culture in America.

Their spirituality and knowledge was a threat to the Dark rulers plan.






Kachina Hopi

Native Americans

The Pleiadians are here guiding humanity through our consciousness.

Remember, the higher and lighter the frequency you vibrate at the closer to God Source you become which is pure Light.

The Pleiadians are here to help us through this Ascension process and to achieve a higher spiritual existence.

The closer you get to Creation the more knowledgeable and more insight you will experience.

The God Spirit frequency is beyond anything the human mind can comprehend currently.

The Pleiadians navigate other worlds without spaceships through human consciousness.

They understand our fear of the unknown so they contact us through our consciousness in a non threatening way.

They also incarnate in human form in a way to blend in but most often through human consciousness.

Their intent is not to harm but to help us develop as a species, after all we are their creation.

The human beings mind believes that knowledge, wisdom and information from these higher beings can only come in a physical form or beamed up to a spaceship but that is not the case.

Tuning into higher wisdom does not always mean being greeted by an ET in the physical.

Matter of fact this is becoming obsolete because the human beings consciousness is rising due to these higher frequencies so we have the ability now to connect with those in the higher realms much easier.

Remember, Time Travel is possible through our consciousness.

Also, remember… the past, present and future all exists at the same time.

Zuni – 1879

Native Americans

You need to know that this is how wisdom and higher knowledge is passed to us from our guides without crossing the barriers of time.

It is through the crossing of Time the Pleiadians bring us this knowledge.

This information is vital in our development.

These higher Pleiadians have a vital and noble job managing their way through the human consciousness.

It has not been an easy task.

They are not gods but they have in the past, and are currently, bringers of higher wisdom to the human species from the higher realms.

Their purpose is not to save your soul, it’s to enlighten you to your path.





Zuni Pueblo New Mexico

Native Americans

People that have been contacted and are given certain information are no way divine or special they are simply willing to tune into another place, another time to receive information.

Many humans have the capacity to do this but so few actually take that chance and put it all out there.

The Pleiadians ask… Why do you express only parts of yourself?

What you appear on the surface and what you project to others is not what you are at all.

Within those hidden spaces you keep aspects of yourselves, they want to know why we do this?

They want us to be aware of this.

These parts that we hide are so vital to our development.

The Pleiadians ask why we hide elements of ourselves in secret spaces and allow very little to surface?

Why are we afraid to let the content that we store in those secret spaces be known?

Why do we have trouble fully integrating all our parts, why do we only express a portion of who we are?

What the Pleiadians are saying is that the human being doesn’t fully understand that we have these secrets spaces so deeply stored within us.

What they’re saying is that we have floundered in our life from an early age and had to learn how to navigate through this Earthly realm in a way to keep us safe.

From the moment of birth babies learn coping skills because life on Earth is not an easy one.

The Pleiadians come to offer us truth.

We need to observe and reflect this is how we learn. Your soul growth is determined by your observations and your actions and reactions.








Native Americans

Awareness is key!

Human beings perceive truth from where they’re at vibrationally this is why there are so many belief systems.

So note… if your frequency is turned into that truth, that will be your truth.

We are all at different stages of vibration so this should make sense.

The Pleiadians want us to know that our ultimate truth is… its you, yourself who chooses your path and circumstances.

You choose your life, destiny and ending.

Whatever you choose becomes your very own personal reality.


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Thank You,

Nancy Thames

Sources: Teri Wade


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