NASA’s Perseverance rover spotted a Pond on Mars

In this video i will show you NASA’s Perseverance rover spotted a Pond on Mars.

NASA’s Perseverance rover spotted a Pond on Mars

Like a white gumball dropped in the sand, NASA’s Perseverance rover glints amongst the cliffs of Mars in a striking new satellite image.

Perseverance – or « Percy, » to its familiars – has been rolling around Mars’ massive Jezero Crater ever since it completed a death-defying parachute drop onto the Red Planet in February.






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1 thought on “NASA’s Perseverance rover spotted a Pond on Mars”

  1. This means that mars produces rain or there is an underground aquafer pushing hopefully water from UNDERGROUND which means the possibility of life on the planet has just gone up and terraforming is really possible. Also I see a appears to be some kind of ALGAE around the edge of the pod too. I hope Perseverance gets samples of that too, because that would mean life on Mars for sure. Fingers are crossed ‘X’!


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