Mysterious lights UFO in the night sky above Middletown, USA, June 2023 👽

Video recorded on June 21, 2023 at 10:30PM in Middletown, Ohio, USA. Multiple people said they witnessed strange rotating green lights above them. Caden Little captured a video of what he saw on Jerry’s Couch Boulevard near Butler Tech’s LeSourdsville Campus.

Several residents of an Ohio city reported seeing a strange set of rotating lights that hovered in the night sky before taking off at an incredible speed. According to a local newscast, the intriguing mass sighting occurred on Wednesday evening in the city of Middletown and, shortly thereafter, the TV station was inundated with messages from viewers wondering what they had just seen. Witness Caden Little recalled that “it was scary” as his immediate thought was that an attack by aliens was about to unfold. However, no such hostile action took place as the curious craft simply zipped away from the scene.

“In like two seconds it was out of sight,” the young man marveled. Another resident, Bryce Garrick, managed to film the UFO with his cell phone and, in the video, a rotating circle of green lights can be seen overhead and, as the witnesses reported, the UFO departs the area in a proverbial blink of an eye. “It looked like something I’d never seen before at all,” Little said, “I had seen drones fly before and this was not like any type of drone.” While the young man went on to say that the other people who observed the object were “terrified,” the local sheriff’s office indicated that they did not receive any reports about the odd incident.

Echoing Little’s observation, the Cincinnati Astronomical Society’s Bryce Garrick told the TV station that the craft appeared to move too fast to be a drone. That said, he argued that “the real test of authenticity is if you get a lot of reports of the same thing. Otherwise it’s probably fake.” He went on to lament that such trickery is particularly easy nowadays thanks to “off the shelf motion graphics software” that people use to create fantastic videos “for TikTok likes.” What do you think occurred in Middletown on Wednesday night? Was it a genuine UFO sighting or a well-crafted hoax? Share your thoughts with us at the C2C Facebook page.




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