Multiple UFOS filmed over Tempe, Arizona

Feb 16, 2021

These UFOs were filmed over Tempe, Arizonaon 12th February 2021.

Witness report: On the night of 2/12/2021. I happen to look out of my kitchen window while talking to my wife when I noticed a group of strange lights in the sky. I always look into the night sky and in the general direction of what I filmed. I’ve never seen anything like this especially in that part of the sky. This video is what I recorded. The objects traveled to a certain part of the sky and stayed there pulsated and then vanished into the clear night sky. I recorded is 2 separate clips. Because I thought the event ended but more returned. At one point an airplane traveling east went in the general direction of the objects. The objects seemed unaffected by this and more returned in the sky. They had a reddish orange color. The cell phone camera didn’t pick up these colors. Not sure what these were.

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