MOON TOWER & CITY – Lunar Structures – Apollo 8

Sep 15, 2019

Another huge tower on the Moon. At 1 km high it has what seems to be a lunar base or city structures near it. The one at the start of the video is a piece of paper stuck to the image – see the pinned comment for more. I also take another look at the Giant White Moon Tower and a new illustration I was sent by Mike Zoetmulder. Many thanks to him. There are loads of crazy structures in this Apollo 8 image from the NASA archive on flickr. The structures are way too big to be down to pixelation or image distortion. Many look semi transparent and may be glass as some researchers have suggested. I also point out the image artifacts like human hairs and shards of paper to compare to the obvious lunar structures. They look very different in both shape and luminosity to the massive 3 dimensional buildings.  An open mind is required when viewing images from other planets. One day our very survival may depend on it “.

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