Meet Thomas Conwell A Contactee

“For me: maybe. Two guys dressed as Native Americans came up to me and touched me with something. I levitated and that’s all I remember. Loads of other things happened in my latest book along with an abductee that I had interviewed.” ~ Thomas Conwell


The Night Visitants: A Ufologist, An Experiencer, And The Undefinable @ AmazonCompelled to unravel the mystery of the abduction phenomenon, mild-mannered Tom, a ufologist and pattern researcher, goes on a quest to prove a hypothesis: that extraterrestrials are here. Now in his twilight years, he immerses himself in a relentless pursuit of true abductees. Armed with a growing list of followers on social media, he sends out questionnaires to quell his thirst for the most compelling evidence of alien abduction: the experiencers themselves.

At least fifty people replied, but among them, five stood out. One, a woman who is now in her seventies, amplifies his growing dread and ratchets his nightmares into a volley of truth that endangers his life, but he is inevitably forced to accept what is beyond his control.



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