Meet Kevin Briggs A Contactee

I have had Extraterrestrials in my home on many occasions. The first time I was eight years old. I was in the bathroom when two beings materialized in the bathroom and frightened me to death at the time.. They were speaking telepathically to one another which I could understand .They were speaking about me not to me. Both were very attractive human in appearance one male one female. Both with long blonde shoulder length hair, deep blue eyes wearing a blue jumpsuit type garment. The female said is this the boy the male replied yes this is the boy. The female then questioned the male and said are you sure this is the boy, look he is small, uneducated and Frightened by our presence. She was correct I was terrified. The male replied this is the boy I will guide him I will teach him. There was some other conversation and then they left. I was so Frightened I did not get out of the bath the water went cold my mother came in to see why I was still in the bath. I told her about the two beings. She said it was just my imagination. It was not
Ort the Male was true to his word. I am now sixty nine and still have regular contact.
We are much more than we know or are taught. Our history has been denied and certainly our galactic history has been hidden from us. Exciting times ahead for our species for Humanity. I speak openly about my contact. I saw the shadow people too when I was a child. We live in a greater reality that is hidden from us and occasionally see into the expanded reality of consciousness. ~Kevin Briggs

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  1. I completely believe what Mr Briggs says. It is a FOUNDATION shattering experience to live through, it shakes the daylights out of you to the point where you question your very sanity. People simply WON’T believe it because it’s FAR TOO fantastical. Sometimes you question it YOURSELF. It’s a staggering thing to cope with and a non-referential thing to try and understand. Anyone NOT knowing the feeling should really thank their BLESSING


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