Meet John Dickinson A Contactee

“Not at home. I was way out in the woods. I was at the top of a clearing and noticed a huge cigar shaped ship. Darkened out with no pilot house noticeable. No sound! I grew up near the air ship park in Pompano and saw blimps mist of my life. It was No blimp.
It passed east to west about a half mile or little more from me.
I had a life altering exchange with them and Still I am remembering more detail. I was told I would.
I later went through chemical hypnosis and recalled more than I suspected.
As someone else said in this post, I was told that I would always be on their radar.
Sleep was promoted by them to me. They gave me a strange understanding that it is easier to communicate with us when we are asleep. Since then I have felt as though they have tested me through crazy dreams to see what my decisions would be. No proof, but I just know that after I fell asleep with them communication was fast and we could travel within each others’ memories.” ~ John Dickinson



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