Meet Erik Nanstiel A Contactee

“First time in 1994 that I remember. I forced myself awake and startled them. Four small greys whooshed out of my apartment bedroom.
But the last two years, they’ve been coming every 4 to 6 weeks. But two of those occasions were remarkable. The first of the two, was after I discovered they were coming… so I put a poster on my wall with a drawing of a grey and a request to be awake so I can remember them.
Two weeks after putting the poster up, I woke up, entranced and paralyzed, in my garage… suspended off the floor by a few inches.. and right next to my trailblazer. A small grey addressed me and told me “we can’t let you remember our visit because my superiors would know about it.” Moments later I was suddenly in my bed. A week later, apparently… one of their “superiors” came to investigate how I knew they were visiting. A taller, darker grey was on top of me, face to face when I woke up. I was paralyzed. But too afraid to look into it’s eyes. So I looked at its shoulder (it had no shirt or garment on, as the smaller greys did)… it noticed me examining its shoulder and allowed me to move my left hand and touch its right shoulder. It felt like padded leather… sinewy and boney too.
I looked into it’s eyes and it touched it’s (his?) forehead to mine… and instantly I was in some kind of dream state where we could talk. I learned some things.
1) they ARE from zeta 2 Reticuli… but they don’t call it Serpo. But he didn’t volunteer their name for it.
2) his name is Syzilick. Never heard a name like that before.
And while we “spoke” in this dream state, there were three little blue eyed, blonde haired girls watching us talk. After I addressed them (they weren’t really girls, but three of the shorter pale greys that were also in my room) the one in the middle said to me “you know? You’re nice. We were told you would be mean.”
I was put to sleep again and when I woke up I remembered the whole thing.
Since then, they don’t communicate with me. But I remember several instances where they extracted Sperm from me and on one occasion, they went into my left arm for some marrow. I couldn’t move my elbow for an entire month. It was like it was frozen stuff. Very painful. They checked on my left arm on two follow up visits. To make sure it healed okay. No visible marks.
That’s the big stuff I remember. I’m trying to find a regressive hypnosis to recover more. ~ Erik Nanstiel



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