Meet Dixie Womble A Contactee

“I was 6 years old. I woke up to 3 greys in my room. They dragged me down our hall. I screamed and they left me in the hall of my home. I crawled to moms bedroom door. She just said you had a nightmare. Then 2 years later. My sister 18 years old pulled in around midnight screaming waking us up saying they are after us. Her friend and her ran inside, we looked out the living room window. There was a huge iridescent sphere about 500 feet above our street. It had chased them for a few miles to our house. We went to bed afterwards and our neighbor came over the next morning for coffee and said, y’all will not believe what I saw late last night, she described it exactly as we had seen it. She said the colors were brilliant and mesmerizing on her wall from the window.” ~ Dixie Womble


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