Meet Christine Hansen A Contactee

“See the orange plasma sphere we had a lot of visits from them and then one day one came through the roof of my room and morphed into a human like figure which went to the end of my bed and morphed again into 2 beings and reemerged back into one being. It/they came up the side were I was sitting up right awake light on, the tall light being leaned in over me and started to take on a skin type texture from his shoulders up to his eyebrows and I recognized the face.   for years I wondered why it used the face of my closest friend. I put it down to because It was familiar to me. at no time did this/these beings show me any threat. (There is more  to this experience but keeping it short for now) We still are visited by these orange plasma spheres.  As well as the live in Golden Orb who likes to put on a show with its mates which I have on video. the big white orb with exclamation mark in it, showing me it can also communicate.  The middle pic is of the Grey who has been a long term visitor(life time) nicknamed the flasher because of our first form of recognizable communication. Real pic of him. The big white orb with the opening in it I class as a dimensional ship. I have other footage of smaller beings coming out of  other dimensional ship. “– Christine Hansen



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