Med Beds Quantum Healing

Med Beds! Super exciting news from The Intergalactic Alliance of Light Beings, brought to you by Canadian Psychic Medium Tracey Milne AAHP. GESARA Technology Quantum Healing! Mind blowing good news. Tell everyone!

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Happy Quarantine !

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Nancy Thames : )

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23 thoughts on “Med Beds Quantum Healing”

  1. Dear Intergalactic Alliance of Light Beings,

    Thank you for making our world into the Garden of Eden that God the Supreme Creator
    wanted for humanity from the beginning before the dark forces took over. Thank you also freeing and protecting us on the road to ascension. Will be glad to see all your ships in the sky. The dark forces have kept the knowledge of your existence from us.
    God Bless you all in Love & Light

  2. I’m 69 Years young…this is wonderful news. I live in hickory north Carolina…are there med beds near me. I’ve prayed and dreamed for all of this.

      • Morning Nancy,
        First I wold like to extend my Thx for your openess & courage in ‘Disclosing’ info concerning Your True-Self…since the age of 7yrs. I have felt/known I’ve landed some place that’s not me!!! At the age of 75yrs. must admit I am very weary of all of it – The Good, the bad and the ugly…therefore, If you would be so kind (if possible) to add my name to the ‘Notication-List’ for Med-Beds, I would be appreciative and if needed, would love to be a Spokes-person for The Grand Miracle’ of Rejuvenation, Regeneration and just good-ole Wellness.

        Many Blessings Lovely Lady…Barbara

      • After Full disclosure these will be rolled out, but some other companies are trying to cash in before this happens. But they are not the real ones, there are just putting out a low radiation xray bed which is not the same beds. So wait for light beds, a gift from the Extraterrestrials.

  3. Dear Nancy Thames,

    How is one to know if it’s the real Med Bed? Will they be in every Hospital? I just found this channel but, known of the Med Beds for many months? What is this notification list I just read about in the comments? Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Patty

    • There are only copycats coming out right now by Foxxcom, I believe is a company out of Canada but they are Just radiation beds with low radiation levels for humans,Not the Med Beds Or Light Beds that promote healing and other uses. I think Full disclosure will ensure how fast they are brought out for us.
      Thank you,
      Nancy Thames

  4. When will these Med Beds be available? How long of a waiting list will there be, will it take more then one session and how much will they cost?

  5. Is there any way to contact the star beings that are sharing this technology and can they help me any sooner than when disclosure comes about? I am blind, because of type 1 diabetes which has also caused kidney failure and other multiple issues. I need help, please. I’m 36 years of age.


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