Manuscripts On UFOs & Ancient Aliens In Vatican Secret Archives, found by a Russian Scientist

Throughout human history, some people possessed an immense amount of knowledge in various fields. A Russian man named Genrikh Mavrikiyevich Ludvig had a vast knowledge of ancient culture. He was an outstanding architect, engineer, and researcher in ancient languages. Ludvig was even compared to Leonardo da Vinci. He is apparently known for getting access to secret Vatican archives and purportedly found information on ancient aliens.

Professor Ludvig’s story was first revealed by a very popular Russian newspaper “Sovershenno Sekretno” in 2011 in an article titled “Worlds of Professor Ludvig [English translation]” by Vladimir Kucharyants. The author described Ludvig as overweight, bald with a huge forehead and a Scandinavian beard. His blue bulging eyes looked very intent under thick gray eyebrows. He used to get in trouble with the Stalin regime many times, and the Soviet federal agency (NKVD) declared him as an agent of the Vatican counterintelligence, sending him to concentration camps in 1938.

Professor Ludwig
Professor Ludwig

Kucharyants recalled Professor Ludvig’s first lecture in the 1960s that sounded interesting at first and then confusing for everyone by mixing linguistics, ancient and medieval history and architecture, plant symbolism, types of labyrinths, phenomena from the history of science. Though the author was Ludvig’s student and researched a lot about him, he is still unaware who Genrikh Ludvig really was: a phenomenal encyclopedist or a mystic. He wrote that after meeting with the professor his life changed, which allowed him to see the world from a different perspective.

Ludvig’s bizarre claims came from reading Vatican secret archives (now known as Vatican Apostolic Archive). It is fifty-three miles of shelving that holds 35,000 volumes of catalog and 12 centuries’ documents. The Archives are the stuff of historical legend. Documents at the repository are only released once they are at least 75 years old.

Vatican Secret Archives
The World’s Most Secure Buildings: The Vatican Secret Archives

During the 1920s, Professor Ludvig somehow granted access to the Vatican library where he was able to read some bizarre ancient manuscripts that probably could change the course of humanity. He claimed to have come across numerous texts on ancient codes, alchemy, and strange things about UFOs and extraterrestrials who visited Earth in the ancient past.

According to him, he read texts which discussed the influence of aliens on the various ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Mayans, and the Mesopotamians. Subsequently, he began his research on the Maya civilization. Ludvig translated their symbols that turned out to be spaceships and spacesuits. He also found historical records of the use of nuclear weapons in ancient times and showed his photographs of the fortress walls of Babylon, melted by a monstrous temperature up to a height of one and a half meters.

Professor Ludvig was very interested in the Sumerian civilization and had great knowledge about it. It is not known from where Sumerians came to Mesopotamia but in the middle of the 4th millennium BC, a sudden and incredible transformation happened to them. They suddenly learned how to build cities and enclose them with strong walls, lay irrigation canals and create the world’s first complex irrigation systems. They invented the wheel and the writing system. At first, Sumerian writing was pictographic, that is, individual objects were depicted in the form of drawings. The oldest texts inscribed with such a letter date back to about 3200 BC.

He also discussed the esoteric meaning of pyramids in Egypt that, under certain ritual manipulations, generate an energy-informational exchange with the cosmic mind. He studied the Etruscan civilization and in particular, believed that images of angels in Christianity come from Etruscan culture.

Professor Ludvig was no ordinary man. During World War II, he worked as an architect, design engineer, and inventor while being an inmate of the GULAG. From 1941 to 1943, he had 17 military inventions on his name. He is very well known among UFO researchers and ancient alien theorists. In 2016, Wikileaks revealed thousands of emails that were allegedly linked to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. The emails unfolded secret information shared with Podesta about UFOs and ETs. In 2015, Podesta received emails from Astronaut Edgar Mitchell that expressed his concern about the weaponization of space and its impact on the ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence). According to this set of leaks, the Vatican, one of the highest religious authorities in the world, knows about aliens.

Mitchell wrote: “My Catholic colleague Terri Mansfield will be there too, to bring us up to date on the Vatican’s awareness of ETI. Another colleague is working on a new Space Treaty, citing involvement with Russia and China. However, with Russia’s extreme interference in Ukraine, I believe we must pursue another route for peace in space and ZPE on Earth.”

Still, due to less corroborating information available about Professor Ludvig, there has been some skepticism of his claims. Did he really gain access to the secret Vatican archives and find all this amazing information?




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3 thoughts on “Manuscripts On UFOs & Ancient Aliens In Vatican Secret Archives, found by a Russian Scientist”

  1. Hello! I think if the Vatican is hiding critical information regarding alien activity on Earth than it should be released to the public without hesitation.We have a right to know if alien influence dates back to the ancient past perhaps even before there were humans on Earth.I’am sure the educated and the uneducated alike would be curious to read such information.Who knows perhaps scientific concrete evidence exists to but let us not forget about the Elohim our ET creators.What information could they have in regards to their activity on the Earth and one huge step the Vatican could take to release this information would be for them to acknowledge the prophet Rael as the last prophet of the Elohim.He is the expected messiah foretold in the bible ages ago and is here with us now in the present..

  2. The vatican is just a bank 2 put dirty money in koz they no it’s a safe place where u think it gets its billions from. 7 priest are in court bying flats and houses they want 2 spend it on the poor.and sort some of the worst grave yards in the UK and around the world.I went 2 1 church in the winter they said can’t afford the heating my god

  3. Hello again! I’d like to add to the comments I’ve already made in regards to this post and to be more precise to Christians in general.I believe Christianity can be save from itself.You can start by getting rid of your cross it is only a symbol of Christs execution nothing more despiritualize yourself from its former meaning and while your at it take out everything spiritual,supernatural or mystical you’ve attached to your religion all these years specifically god,the soul and a supposed afterlife.Make Christianity more like Raelism and I’am sure the prophet of the Elohim Jesus to be exact would approve considering his former immortal existance on the eternal life planet in the now moment..Whether it was a shock to him or not after his execution he was brought back to life because of human cloning technology.I’am sure all the advances of science and technology proved to him there is no god or soul to speak of and the supposed afterlife was to be brought to another planet thanks to the Elohim.A Elohimization of that religion and to be more precise to the world’s religions in general would put a happy face on our creators faces.The crimes of genocide against non-christians must be reckoned with.if there is to be any future for that and all the world’s religions in the future.Only when it does these things will I recognize Christians or any other of the world’s religions.Thank you for letting me take the time to express my views here if Christans chose to do what I mentioned before in my comments than and only than I’ll have no problem if you want to continue to consider wanting to be a Christian.I’am sure the other prophets of the Elohim would agree no matter what religion humanity atttached to them while they were living on Earth.Belief and faith must be replaced with common sense and reason.With are gradual advances in science and technology we will in time come to this conclusion.


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