Malevolent Matrix Part IV

We continue countenancing the cruel creed Anunnaki inculcated upon us Hybrids to obsess about our place in hierarchies of power and authority. The Anunnaki, Homo sapien giants from the Planet Nibiru and other Lyran refugees fleeing murderous Draco Reptilian, modeled, taught, and enforced polities in which rulers murder to reign, everyone always competes with everyone else, men boss and squelch women, and winners boss losers. The Anunnaki truncated our lifespans, hoping we wouldn’t live long enough to understand their strategies to make us fight each other and fail to see that they and their pernicious practices produce problems that prevent peace and prosperity for all Earthlings. SLAVERY Dr. Lessin, an anthropologist who, with wife and researcher Janet Kira Lessin, apprenticed with the late Zecharia Sitchin, shows slides and discusses slavery, for which the Anunnaki created us and continue to this day with military conscription, forced marriage, female disempowerment, spurious imprisonment, arranged marriages, and deliberate indebtedness of individuals, groups, nations, and whole regions. WAR Lessin examines the Anunnaki manipulating human groups and businesses against each other and using, from earliest times of mass destruction and germ warfare.




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