Lyran Starseed: 12 Signs You Belong To The Ancient Lyran Civilization


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2 thoughts on “Lyran Starseed: 12 Signs You Belong To The Ancient Lyran Civilization”

  1. Hi Nancy,
    Your video 100% describes me. It’s spot on in every way and I’m kind of tripping right now because I feel peace in knowing where I’m from finally but also I feel like I’m disconnected from humanity at the same time. Specifically, being a star seed that is a loner, not in a relationship and without children. At 54, it is what it is. I’ve come to terms with it and no longer feel as lonely, as I do like my company very much LOL. Thank you for all your work describing this alien race. I’m just delving into the star seed subject and find it really interesting. Peace to you!

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