Lunar Pits and Lava Tubes for a Modern Ark

We propose development of a modern day Ark to be housed inside lunar lava tubes. The Ark would house eggs, sperms, seeds and other DNA matter from all of the endangered species on Earth. It would serve as a global insurance policy. Earth faces probability of peril from various natural disasters and human threats such as global nuclear war that could wipe out a large number of species in a short time. Lunar lava tubes were discovered in 2013 and are likely to have remained pristine for 3-4 billion years. They are only 4-5 days from Earth. They are an excellent shelter against lunar surface temperature swings, cosmic radiation and micro-meteorites. The Ark would house these endangered species in cryo-conditions of -180 C and colder. Our research shows that new technologies are need to make this initiative possible. It will require substantial investments and advances in robotics to operate under cryo-conditions.




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1 thought on “Lunar Pits and Lava Tubes for a Modern Ark”

  1. Hello! Using lava tubes and pits for a ark is a good idea however we must remember the Raelian version of Noah’s ark that the ark was a spaceship and that cells from living beings were kept in stasis during the flood.After the flood and the spaceship piloted by Noah landed all the cells he had were brought back to life thanks to cloning technology provided by the Elohim are ET creators.Just in case you weren’t knowledgable in regards to the Raelian version of Noah’s ark and I hope I’ve provided insight into that incident in human history.There are reports of other arks being activated all over the world behind the scenes carrying knowledge and technology.The day the Earth stood still comes to mind when arks were activated to save animal races on Earth.The cloning process fits in nicely with extinct animal and planet races in Jurassic park being brought to life such is true for the movie,”Artifical Intelligence!”To bring back a woman that loved a robot boy in the last scenes of the movie.I’am sure there are many other examples from hollywood that I’am missing but to be clear.I believe in the Elohim potential of humanity to survive without it comes to the conclusion of human extinction.Just as the Elohim created us I’am sure also they created us to be like a ark in case the Elohim faced their own extinction.My point being using the moon to create life in our imagine is also the best way to preserve our legacy in our life creations and that would act like a ark to represent our greatness with our advances in our science and technology.Frankly I hope we make it that far and life we create knows us and all the sacrifices we make to continue our legacy in them.Well I trust I’ve made my point here without it sounding like I’am preaching ontop of a milk carton.Thank you for giving me a chance to add my voice here and goodbye from the online reality.


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