Lost City of the Monkey God Found in Honduras Jungle

Archaeologists discovered two lost cities deep in the jungles of Honduras. The US archaeological team that discovered the site emerging from the forest with evidence of a pyramid, plazas and various ancient artifacts and reported that it was a place untouched by humans for at least 600 years. One of the cities is thought to be the legendary “City of the Monkey God.” We take a look at the discovery, in this Lip News clip with Jackie Koppell and Jo Ankier.

A long-lost city has been unearthed deep in the rain forest, in the heart of Mosquitia, Honduras’ wild, marshy, and mainly unexplored region. For nearly a century, explorers have been searching for the mythical “Casa Blanca” and the Monkey God, a refuge where local people might hide from the conquistadors.

The city of the Monkey God was described as a Garden of Eden from which no one ever returned. For almost a century, explorers and prospectors have reported tales of witnessing the white ramparts rising above the jungle undergrowth. Eventually, it was identified during an aerial scan in 2012.

The Honduran military escorted a team of Colorado State University archeologists to the site, where they began measuring and mapping the metropolis that flourished here a thousand years ago. To keep it safe from looters, the site’s location hasn’t been divulged, but it did produce a stunning trove of amazing stone sculptures located at the foot of an earthen pyramid.

Sculptures include stone jars with snakes, vultures, and animal-like forms, as well as ceremonial chairs connected with shamans.

According to Christopher Fisher, a Mesoamerican archaeologist, the site’s immaculate, unlooted state was “extremely unique.”



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