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Mar 24, 2016

This is an up and coming radio show network that carries a full schedule of new daily streams of various topics, shows, and guests. This brings back the 90’s era feel of real talk-radio about the system and paranormal experiences in the Universe. This is insider testimony on many subjects that I have direct experience with through the secret projects, MKULTRA, MiLabs, trauma-based and monarch mind-control, Underground Bases, Humanity and the races, ancient knowledge, the sacred geometrical Universe, time manipulation, zero-point field technology and the secret government, and much more. I wanted to give credit for the line I spoke about the English language and the phonetic/etymological synchronicities that occur. Weekday/weakday, weekend/weakend, earn/urn, job/persecution. Etc etc etc. Laurel’s video’s are not the first time I’ve heard this and my own search has uncovered much of the same, but her video’s are the first that came to mind during the interview.

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