LILITH From Demon to Goddess – Mytheries

Myth and belief cross over in this episode, where we tackle the story of Adam’s first wife, and the woman who stood against God — Lilith! Crossing centuries of myths, changing from demon to goddess herself, Lilith has become an icon for women fighting to be seen and heard as equals. From legends to festivals, and new paganism, Lilith has never left we, the children of Adam. And, once you’ve heard the stories, you’ll realize that’s a terrifying thought! SERIES SYNOPSIS: Mythteries: Showcase various myths and mysteries from around the world and shines the light on incidents that have rocked history and can still not be explained. Each episode will be about a creature/myth/or in some cases people that are connected to it. To this day the creepiest thing about vampires is the fact that basically every culture in the world has a vampire myth but they never communicated to each other…so how did they know about them too? This is the place where Myth and Mystery combine.


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