Lightworkers Are Accelerating The Evolution Of Consciousness




Dear ones,
It’s difficult to understand that the world is changing if all you see is chaos and destruction. But working covertly behind the scenes, unseen for years, are countless groups of Lightworkers who are accelerating the evolution of consciousness.

Lightworkers are individuals who have come to Earth to establish peace and harmony, serve the poor, heal the planet, and bring about a new age of love and understanding. Although most Lightworkers were incarnated recently on this planet, your soul has been on many other planets in many other lifetimes.

Events can be interpreted in many ways, but when you understand the higher laws and know the divine purpose, you see events in a completely different light.

The higher order that governs events is increasingly making itself known, and the old ways of doing things that don’t serve humanity’s highest good are being increasingly highlighted.

Now that this planet is about to be liberated, the most effective way to make this planet a paradise is to follow what you know will help it.

There are some big changes happening on the planet right now—they might be harder to see, but they’re there. The entire world is going through a planetary-level transformation. It’s being driven by fundamental changes in the Earth’s biosphere and civilization is being swept up in the process.

A new world is emerging. It’s not easy to see or understand, but it’s there. You can feel it in your deepest self, like an instinct.

The planet Earth is facing a major transitional period. The earth is moving towards new horizons. It’s ambitions are bigger than ever. You are entering an exciting new era where people are more connected, more innovative, and more aware that you are all part of one planet.

Since virtually every living creature is inextricably tied to the Earth, you must give thanks to the Earth for sustaining and protecting every living being. It’s your responsibility to show your gratitude for the Earth’s natural resources.

If you take care of the earth, the earth will take care of you and your children. It’s important to spend some time in nature every day. It doesn’t take much time, just a few moments in your bare feet on the ground, and that is very good for your soul.

When you do this, you connect with the Earth. You connect with the divine. When your connection to the divinity within you grows, this develops the quality of trust within yourself.

The Divine Essence always has your best interests at heart. It is not some outside force that controls you. This essence is your internal guidance system, and when you’re in full listening mode, you are more able to hear its messages.

Just as the Divine Essence is within you, it also surrounds you, encompassing everything in the universe. The energy of the Divine Essence flows through your physical body as well as our Earth, space, and all those who inhabit this planet. It envelopes everyone, from those born to those who have passed away.

It is a part of everyone and everything. By being in the present moment, you simply allow yourself to experience what is there, without interpretation or judgment.

By being in the present moment, the quality of trust within yourself develops on its own. And the more trust you develop in yourself, the more you can go with the flow of life, and experience serenity and joy.

All of these experiences add up to an expanded awareness that has allowed you to tap into new sources of energy that allow you to lift your vibration and expand your consciousness.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are aware that maintaining a strong connection to spirit is important for raising your consciousness and ascending to the 5th dimension. As you grow daily, your spirit expands and your ability to feel energetic and vibrant increases.

However, it is not uncommon to experience physical discomfort while increasing your consciousness. This refers to the biological changes that are happening in your body. Depending on which part of your DNA is being activated, you experience sensations that feel like heat or tingling throughout your spine.

When you begin moving toward a new reality, you may notice these sensations, but once you pass through the transition, your body may feel a whole lot different.

You’ll feel like you’re in a whole new world. The change will be subtle, but powerful. It will lift you up and make you feel blissful, happy, and free. You’ll experience a state of oneness within yourself and the universe.

This is a sign that you’re beginning to enter the fifth dimension, better known as your spiritual enlightenment, where everything is possible and there are no limits!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Art by Aurora Ray




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  1. Hello! What if it doesn’t happen and the words posted above are very inspiring however I still believe the way to this new world starts with embracing the prophet Rael’s message sent through him by our ET creators aka,”The Elohim!”Let’s continue to allow science and technology to advance on this planet.One of the first steps is building a embassy to welcome our creators and soon other things will come to pass.


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