Law of One; is it a cult? Discussion

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Since August 2019 I have been trying to absorb as much info as I can about UFOs, aliens and what this means for our future as humans. I was inspired when I finally watched the show where Joe Rogan goes over the Nimble events. I suspect that it’s not a coincidence and certainly the books I’ve read suggest it’s not.

I have read about 3 books a month on these topics, trying to focus on more physically grounded aspects of the phenomenon. A friend suggested I look into the Law of One.

I was really curious and interested at first. It seemed to validate some of the intuitive whispers of spirituality that has been sneaking their way into my attention. I am no stranger to exploring altered states of consciousness, but I also have a strong grounding, education and career in the physical sciences.

There were really intriguing parts, like when Ra talks about how our spiritual journey on this planet intersects the phenomenon. I was OK with the counsel of Jupiter and the ET quarantine on our planet. I got a little worried I might be listening to the musings of some really creative people when they started talking about rituals to improve the channeling. I started to lose hope when they started talking about another note destroyed planet.

I really decided I was listening to the ravings of the kool-aid gang when they asked about a planet in the same orbit as Earth on the opposite side of the sun. I’m open-minded, and if there’s UFO technology than there are definitely aspects of the universe we don’t know about. But to suggest scientists wouldn’t notice other solar bodies in our region of space is full on coo coo town.

I want to read more about spiritual connections with UFOs but not join a cult. What suggestions do you have? I know about Dr. Steven Greer but have heard he’s just as bad. Is there just always going to be an element of creative writing when looking into these topics and their connection?


The Law of One is not a cult. Neither is Dr. Steven Greer , which I find as a horrible statement that you made. Dr Steven Greer is very Knowledgeable about the technology, politics and economics and the way humanity has been manipulated.Dr Steven Greer is one of the most prominent (if not THE most prominent) individuals on the UFO scene today. In fact, he has been one of the most recognized and controversial individuals in the UFO community for at least 13 years now – ever since he became popular as a result of the famous press conference he organized at the National Press Club in D.C that featured 20 retired Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration and intelligence officers to testify that UFOs and alien presence on Earth is fact, not fiction.

The organization that created the Law of One is called L/L Research. They have meetings many times per year in Louisville Kentucky.

If you study the behavior of the organization you will find it to be very anti-cult like. (However, I am aware that this is exactly what everyone in a cult says about their organization.) L/L Research never made a lot of money, or acquired fame or publicity, nor did they ever achieve a cult of influence or cult of the personality. The last remaining member of the original trio, actually mows lawns for a living, and is a happy, peaceable gardener, and one of the kindest and most inspiring human ever known.


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  1. Hello! Yes I believe the law of one to be a cult and it has been taken under its wing by David Wilcock and don’t get me wrong I like the work that he has been doing for the sake of humanity.Talking about the dark cabal and the secret space program however I can’t for the life of me accept his version of a creator or invisible aliens that speak through the mouth of a Christian.It insults are intelligence of the masses in order to deal with a adult verison of make believe friends but as the masses get educated in more science and technology.The concept of a creator a soul and all things mystical or supernatural will be seen for what they are merely illusions.Yes we need to take down the cabal and all that but the real change will be the suppressed technology that has been kept from us all this time.We can only have this awakening or ascension change in our society if we embrace paradism not old religious beliefs.


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