Lady on Mars? Possible sighting of a woman captured on camera

Who or what is this mysterious woman standing on a rock on Mars?

AN IMAGE of what appears to be a long-haired woman looking out into space from the surface of Mars, has emerged.

The alarmingly real-looking photo has led UFO hunters across the world to conclude the Mars maiden or “dark lady” proves that there “is life out there”.

The eerie snap was even taken by the NASA Curiosity rover which is currently in the middle of a scientific search for life on the planet.

UFO Sightings Daily are now convinced the shadow is definitely a woman because her breasts are visible.


The woman has been snapped on Mars

The woman has been snapped on Mars (Image: NASA )

The dark lady

The shadow has been dubbed the dark lady (Image: NASA )

There is life out there

UFO Sightings Daily

They said: “This looks real. And it should concern every country in the world. There is life out there.

“The woman seems to have breasts indicated by the shadow on its chest.

“We also see two arms that are lighter in color and what looks like a head with long hair.”

However the UFO catchers say it is hard to tell whether it is a “living being or statue from long ago”.

But they argue: “However a statue that small would be eroded and destroyed easily, so it has a higher chance of being a living being.”




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