John Lear’s Q – Clearance & the Story of the Fake Casino of Las Vegas

John Lear, in this discussion with Emery Smith, takes us deeper into the secret projects, including the many levels of top-secret clearance and the degree of E.T. assistance in managing these programs. We even gain a bit of insight into the agenda of those running these secret programs. Plus, he discusses one of the major areas in the county for secret technology development and testing, right in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada.




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1 thought on “John Lear’s Q – Clearance & the Story of the Fake Casino of Las Vegas”

  1. Hi! You mention the name Emery Smith in the article posted above and he surfaced as a whistleblower to David Wilcock and in my opinion he should be considered a American hero for coming forward regardless of the actions taken against his life to silence him.I’d also like to recommend that he be made a honorary guide of the Raelian movement for his actions in regards to coming forward.


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