Is the Moon an Artificial Alien Satellite?


The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth which is estimated to be 4.53 billion years old.
The moon way older than previously expected, maybe even older than the Earth or the Sun.
The rocks on the moon were estimated to be 5.3 billion years.
It is the largest natural satellite in the Solar System relative to the size of its planet, and the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System overall.
However, over the years it has been noted scientifically that the Earth’s Moon possesses certain strange and mysterious characteristics.
And what Spaceship Moon theory suggests is worth noticing.

The Moon Is An Artificial Satellite: Spaceship Moon Theory Suggests So

It is believed that the Moon originated from a huge impact giant impact between the young Earth and a Mars-sized body.

After a detailed analysis, it has been concluded that the moon is apparently in the wrong orbit for its size, according to its current assumed density.
It has been indicated by the Astronomy data that the internal regions of the Moon are less dense than the outer, giving rise to the inevitable speculation that it could be hollow.

The Moon Is An Artificial Satellite: Spaceship Moon Theory Suggests So
Speculative cutaway model of a Spaceship Moon

These claims have been originated from the fact that when meteors strike the Moon, it rings like a bell.
To be specific on November 20, 1969, the Apollo crew released the lunar module, after returning to the orbiter, the module impact with the Moon caused their seismic equipment to register a continuous reverberation like a bell for more than an hour.

The Spaceship Moon Theory has been proposed by members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov back in July 1970.
Interestingly, it has been claimed by the pseudoscientific theory that the Earth’s moon could actually be an alien spacecraft.
The thesis done by Vasin and Shcherbakov suggests that the Moon is a hollowed-out planetoid created by extraterrestrial beings that possessed technology that was far superior to any present on Earth.

It is believed by many that huge machines must have been used to melt down rocks and and form large cavities within the Moon.
The Moon would, therefore, consist of a hull-like inner shell and an outer shell made from metallic rocky slag.

As per the Spaceship Moon Theory, once the spaceship was created using the advanced technology unknown to humans, it was placed into Earth’s orbit.
Proponents of this theory point to the increased reports and pictures of UFOs taken by NASA on their missions to the moon.

There are tens of thousands of craters of various sizes covers the surface of the moon.
However the interesting part is that all craters have the same depth.
This unusual characteristic triggers the scientists to suggest that there may be some sort of metallic barrier underneath the surface protecting it from damage.

It has been discovered that asteroids and meteors not only create shallow craters on the Moon’s surface but produce a convex floor to the crater instead of concave as expected, supporting the idea of a rigid shell.

The chemical composition of the dust upon which the rocks sit is remarkably different from the rocks themselves.
The difference in the chemical composition of the dust and the rocks suggest that the lunar surface may have been moved from somewhere and placed on the Moon.

Some of the Moon’s craters were originated internally, yet there is no evidence that the Moon ever had the favorable conditions to produce volcanic eruptions.
Numerous moonquakes are recorded every year that cannot be attributed to meteor strikes.
A few of the quakes seem to follow a specific schedule which is quite alarming.

The crust of the Moon is harder than expected by NASA.
Back in the years, when NASA was recorded drilling down a few inches into the Moon’s surface, it appeared that metal shavings were visible.

There is no doubt about the fact Earth’s moon is the only natural satellite in the Solar System that has a stationary, near-perfect circular orbit.
But how could it be possible for a natural satellite to be perfectly aligned just at the right distance, coupled with just the right diameter, to completely cover the sun during an eclipse?

It is believed that certain astronomers were discouraged to conduct research on the phenomenon that has been happening on Moon for the past years.
Transient Lunar Phenomena is frequently observed on Moon’s surface- It is short-lived light, color, or other changes in the appearance of the lunar surface.

The Moon also consists of a unique and rare combination of metals.
It is believed that these metals include traces of metals that are not naturally occurring such as Brass.

According to the quantity of Titanium present on the Moon is ten times that on Earth which is unbelievable.
The enigmatic characteristics of the Moon are from being solved and the possibilities of what lies beyond our earth’s atmosphere may not be discovered in our lifetime.

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